Buy bulk outdoor marijiuana seeds and save big! This Happy Outdoor Mix is a surprise pack of auto-flowering marijuana seeds that are perfect if you want to start growing marijuana yourself. You cannot tell in advance which seeds you are getting, you can only tell when you’re already growing your marijuana plant.


Buy bulk outdoor marijiuana seeds and grab a Happy Outdoor Mix. This pack of auto-flowering marijuana seeds is a great deal. The park is perfect if you intend to start growing weed or you plan to add a new strain to your collection. Our seed bank supplies a top-notch autoflowering seed mix pack and gives you the information you need for growing the weed successfully.

It is not possible to identify the cannabis seeds you are growing in advance. You have to wait until you have grown your marijuana plant. The good news is whichever marijuana strain you grow will be amazing, because we guarantees quality.

Growing the autoflowering seeds outdoor is very easy; you just need the right information and tools. Use of fertilizers also helps increase the yield per sq. meter. Our autoflowering outdoor mix can be grown indoor and outdoor.

About The Auto Flowering Mix 

Each pack contains some of the finest outdoor strains ready to handle the tough environment. The plants are suited for an outdoor setting due to their strong and stable structure, which is able to survive the wind and rain expected with any outdoor crops.

Our outdoor mix mainly offers the AK 47 XTRM, Strawberry Ice and sometimes the fine Candy Kush. The three forms the basis for the most popular outdoor varieties, for this reason, we felt the combination would form a perfect autoflowering seed mix pack.

Most auto flowering strains can be noticed from a distance, this is because their buds have a tint of blue color. The plants blossom before any other normal plants and this is what distinguishes the strain from the other plants.

Sometimes our autoflowering outdoor mix may contain a normal outdoor plant but this should not discourage you because our outdoor mix has the best quality and the results will not disappoint you.

The combination will provide you with a variety of smoke. It is also a good learning process for identification of different strains.

You Will Be Happy Outdoor Mix Auto

As mentioned, earlier the strain is perfect for beginner growers and those seeking quick sales. The auto flowering genetics has a lot to offer and so is our outdoor mix. It can have varieties high in CBD, high in THC, and others with a nice balance in both.

Here are the facts about any autoflowering strains:

    • They cannot be cloned.
    • Training is not necessary to start growing.
    • Produce flowers all year.
    • They grow very first.
    • Have limited yield.

Advantages Of Growing The Autoflowering Seeds Outdoor

Our autoflowering outdoor mix has a long list of advantages. We may have mentioned some but let discuss them in details.

Faster Life Cycle

The varieties in our seed pack are queens of speed. Their fast life cycle results from a short vegetative phase and a fast flowering stage. As stated earlier the only way to distinguish them from the normal strains is the fact that they will blossom first.

The speed of autoflowers appeals to growers seeking instant results. Therefore, if you are the impatient kind of person, our outdoors mix packs are the way to go.

Resilient Outdoor Plants

The autoflowering plants possess strong, sturdy and resilient genetics. They are equipped to deal with extreme temperatures and harsh weather. Most varieties require fewer nutrients and can survive different pest infections.

Simple Outdoor Lighting Demands

Plants require a light schedule of 18 hours on and 6 hours off for the whole duration of the lifecycle. The schedule provides plants with enough amount of light saving on energy.

This also helps growers to remain extremely flexible with writing. Whether you grow your autoflowering seeds outdoor or indoor, the light factor will not be a problem.

So would you like to buy bulk outdoor marijiuana seeds? Contact us anytime and buy the autoflowering seeds mix pack. Are you a beginner in marijuana cultivation? We are willing to guide you on how to grow autoflowering seeds outdoor from beginning to the end.


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