If you want to get lit like a Jack O‘Lantern then this strain is the one for you. Jack O‘Lantern strain will relax you to the max all year round, perfect for evening toking. Crossed between Northern Lights and Jack Herer, two award-winning strains, making Jack O‘Lantern a superstar strain.

Jack O‘Lantern is a predominantly indica strain. This makes it perfect for sitting back with a nice pumpkin spice latte in one hand and a Jack O‘Lantern joint in the other as you unwind. The delicious flavors of spicy, earthy, and citrus will keep you coming back for more. The terpenes and cannabinoids of this strain make it an excellent medicinal strain.

Jack O‘Lantern outdoor marijuana

This strain will grow very big outdoors, but that will also mean that it will have the yield size to go with its large stature. It can also be grown indoors and is a mold-resistant strain. You can expect the strain to be done flowering within 10-11 weeks and harvested in October, just in time for Halloween. Beautiful green buds with orange dreads will be your reward for cultivating this strain.

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