Indica Auto Combo Pack

Indica dominant strains are perfect for ultimate relaxation, treating insomnia, and other medicinal purposes. In this Indica Combo Pack auto-fem you will receive some of our best indica strains to give you the relief you need. One of the biggest benefits to autoflowering plants is that they can go from seed to harvest in as little as 10 weeks for all you impatient folks out there!

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Habiba auto-fem

This auto-fem strain is a fast-growing, heavy yielding hybrid. Habiba is praised for its potency, high yield, and soft taste. Habiba is a typical Indica, a strong-growing dense plant with big leaves and produces a great amount of weed. Embrace the flavors of orange and sweet berries. Unwind after a stressful day and smoke some Habiba weed.

There is a reason why the Arabic name? Habiba gets translated as “beloved” in English, and thus, getting replicated to this strain. Well, everything about this strain is lovable, and especially the yields. 400gms per square meter indoors and 550gms per square meter from an autoflower is fanciable.

Big Bud auto-fem

This strain is an indica dominant massive yield grower. Buying Big Bud auto-fem seeds means a great harvest that is easy to grow. Big Bud has a long-lasting smooth high and a sweet musky taste. Bid goodbye to problematic medical conditions that tend to be a nuisance during the night hours. Here, we are talking about headaches, insomnia, migraines, and loads more with the Big Bud autoflower strain.

As the name gives away, then the Big Bud auto-fem seeds are ideal for the budding commercial cannabis grower. It’s a no brainer that with big buds, you will be expecting higher yields, and this equals more bucks. In fact, we recommend this strain even to beginners as the growing is easy to manoeuvre as well as giving the best ROI.

Northern Lights XTRM auto-fem

In the Northern Lights strain you will find the perfect balance of 11 different genetics from various strains that find their origin on the west coast of the US. This particular strain is predominated by a sweet, tropical Indica. This makes for a delightful aroma and a very relaxing high. Another reason why this plant is so immensely popular is the high THC levels and its CBD content.

If you’re that pothead who has been struggling with adverse medical conditions such as insomnia and colitis, then the Northern Lights XTRM auto-fem seeds strain is the best for nighttime consumption and eradicating these maladies.


We are strategically located at the heart of the marijuana world’s capital. We have been selling high-quality with 90% germination guarantee since 1996, and our legacy still stands.

The idea behind coming up with our Indica auto-feminized mix pack is to let every grower succeed in growing pot. As much as it is a fun ordeal, nothing beats greening mother nature with different aromas if grass.

The big bud auto-fem seeds are bound to give you plants that have massive buds without taking the grower through hurdles to do with hard growing. Habiba auto-fem seeds will give you every beloved characteristic of the pot while Northern Lights XTRM auto-feminized strain will give you the ultimate CBD levels to wade off medical ailments.


Our Indica Combo pack autoflowering feminized seeds are just the typical answer to your problem if you are looking forward to growing grass with the most benefits.

While the benefits are actually innumerable, we are going to give you the crucial four pros of planting the strains you will find in our Indica auto-fem seeds variety pack.

Firstly, you can harvest up to four times per year, which is to the greatest extent beneficial for that grower who wishes to stay occupied al the year long. Theoretically and practically, growing autoflowering cannabis strains gives a shorter harvesting life span as compared to the photoperiodic cannabis plants. Under most circumstances, autofowering cannabis will have the indoor flowering phase ranging between 7 and 10 weeks. On the converse, some photoperiodic cannabis plants can have an indoor flowering phase going up to 4 months. In comparison, within a single planting season, you can reap twice while the outdoor photoperiodic grower awaits to make the first harvests.

Secondly, here we are talking about Indica autoflowers. This means that generally, you will be expecting short cannabis plants. The greatest advantage of this height is that you will be in a position to manage the heights if these plants whichever way you will deem fit. Do you wish to use your balcony space and have your pot growing there? Then the three strains you will find on our Indica feminized variety pack are your ultimate answer.

Thirdly, you probably guessed this right when we mentioned the pros of autoflowers – growing independence of the lighting schedules. To be honest, ensuring the lighting schedules get followed to the entirety, and especially for the photoperiodic plants is daunting. It gets even further overwhelming when you are out for a while and then you have no one in mind to properly rotate the lights. However, with 15 autoflowers in store for you in this mix pack, regardless of 12/12, 18/6, or even subjecting your plants to 24 hours straight of light will work fine for the autoflowers.


Lastly on the most important benefits of Indica autoflowers is the sturdiness of these grasses. Well, thanks to the ruderalis genetics used during the crossing phase of the plants, these strains will withstand molds, caterpillars, white powdery, and to the greatest extent some relative nuisance adverse weather conditions such as strong winds. Importantly, these plants withstand underfeeding or overfeeding; thus, ideal for the beginner growers to trial with them.


The beans in this package are ALWAYS in skyrocketed demands, thanks to the desirable traits from the parental strains. This means that if you plan to order these plants, then be sure to do so well in advance of the growing season and prevent yourself from getting locked by the other customers who are doing multiple packets to seize every benefit that these plants have to offer.

As far as our service gets concerned, we sometimes overwhelm ourselves with the uptrend demands to ensure that we maintain the stellar quality of our seeds while seeing to it that you receive your beans regardless of where you are in the world.

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