Original Hawaiian strain crossed with Skunk#1 gives a plant which is short and sturdy. Ideal for outdoor growers and Hawaii skunk is very easy to grow. It will have very dense buds with wonderful red/orange pistons. The skunk smell is still there in abundance. A must for novelty lover, smoke it close your eyes and hear the waves brake on Honolulu beach!


If you are a marijuana lover, and specifically the one who loves Hawaiian Hotboxing, then you are aware that Hawaii Skunk is the best strain for that. It is one of the common weed strains known globally. If you want to start growing your own marijuana, we highly recommend Hawaii Skunk seeds. Several reasons lead to this. First, our prices are super friendly.

Besides super-friendly prices, the Hawaiian Skunk strain is very easy to grow. You must not be an expert to cultivate it.

Why Grow Hawaiian Skunk Strain?

The other reason why you should consider starting with the Hawaiian cannabis seeds is the strain’s yield. It grows to produce a reasonable amount of yield if you consider the fact that it’s growing is less demanding compared to other weed strains.

Hawaii marijuana strain produces up to 400 grams or 14.1 ounces when grown indoors and up to 450 grams or 15.9 ounces when done outdoors. With the less effort applied, this yield is only per square meter.

Hawaiian Skunk Cannabis

Hawaiian Skunk strain is packed with a high sativa level of 75% with the rest 25% filled by indica. It has a THC level of 20-30%. Yes, it will give you that high you desire and definitely an all-time happiness. It will give you a relaxed giggly feeling. If you ever desire to explore the unknown, then choose the Hawaiian cannabis seeds.

Hawaiian Skunk strain has one of the nicest fragrances. The strain is packed with a sweet and earthy smell with a hint of tropical floral notes that is nose trickling. The kind of aroma that can’t be disguised, as it is overpowering. The flavor is amazing. It has a sweet and earthy taste that sticks to your upper mouth.

The Hawaiian Skunk Seeds History

At AMS, our field experts follow the convenient procedure of breeding. To come up with this sweet aroma plant, they carefully combine the original Hawaii seeds with the famous Skunk. The result is the Hawaii Skunk seeds with even improved performance.

Hawaiian Strain Appearance

Hawaiian skunk strain carries a form of beauty in it. It has a short and sturdy stem with heavy dark green buds that feature a red/orange piston.

Growing Information

Like many other marijuana strains we recommend both indoor and outdoor cultivation for the Hawaiian Skunk. However, you should always have it in mind that your space choice will determine the amount of yield at the end of the season.

When grown indoors, the strain attains a maturity height of up to 80 centimeters or 31.5 inches. The yield in this situation is up to 400 grams or 14.1 ounces for every square meter.

We recommend you choose the outside cultivation option because the yield seems to outweigh indoor cultivation. Upon attaining a height of up to 220 centimeters or 86.6 inches, Hawaiian Skunk is likely to give you a yield of up to 450 grams or 15.9 ounces for each square meter cultivated at the end of the season.

Hawaiian Seed Germinating Tips

Like many other marijuana strains, growing the Hawaiian Skunk Strain follows the normal routine of preparing the space, germinating the seeds, planting the sprouts, and many other farming practices. To boost the yield you should consider applying some fertilizer, order it together with the seeds from our shop to get the ideal type from our experts.

Flowering of the Hawaiian Skunk begins at the ninth week and goes on to the eleventh week after germination. The perfect time for harvesting is September/October before the onset of the cold season.

Why Choose Our Seed Bank For Your Marijuana Seeds

We always assure you of the best quality seeds. Besides, we value our customers more than money. We seek to create satisfaction for our dear clients. Offering growing guidelines is also our priority. Therefore, you will never go wrong in choosing us.

Additional information



THC Level

Up to 20%





Yield Outdoor

Up to 450 grams / 15.9 ounces per sq meter

Height Indoor

Up to 220 cm / 86.6 inch

Flowering Time Indoor

9 – 11 weeks

Grow Difficulty



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