Haze is the mother of countless hybrids around the globe. When given enough space, these plants can grow huge so your yield can be too. The THC ratio is always high, even though the buds may be small, they’re very potent. Our Haze weed is the original sativa from California with a light skunk crossing. Try to grow Haze cannabis yourself by ordering the best seeds here.

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No weed user can claim that he/she does not know Haze because it is a mother of several hybrids. In fact, if cultivated properly, Haze strain seeds will sprout fast and give excellent yields. Haze is a sativa-dominant strain with 85% and 15% indica.

It is true that the strain’s buds look small compared to many strains in our list but you will love the THC level that will give you the high you need. If that is what you want, consider Haze marijuana seed the right strain for you. It’s among the most affordable seed strains in our seed shop.


Haze seeds strain has a high yield compared to other strains. Given enough space, haze marijuana plants grow big and bushy hence the high yield.

Haze marijuana’s sativa level rocks. It has the high you want. If you have ever wished to travel outside of the galaxy, this is all you need. It comes with an uplifting buzz and whole day happiness. It also has medicinal value. It’s good for anorexia and cancer patients.

Haze marijuana exhibits a wonderful aroma with a touch of citrus fruits and an amazing sweetness. It also has a high THC ratio of 20-30%.

Haze Cannabis Seed History

Various marijuana strains trace their origin from the haze. It’s a tall and bushy plant with narrow leaves. It has a long flowering period of up to 11 weeks.

Haze weed seeds are the original sativa from California with somewhat light and  skunk crossing. It has a creamy and fruity taste. However, it is not advisable for starters, as its original effect is unbearable for them.

Haze Strain Growing Information

AMS, we recommend indoor and outdoor cultivation of the haze weed seed strain. The strain as said before is bushy and grows huge. This demands a large space for its maximum yield. Therefore, its yield will depend on your space choice.

For indoor cultivation, the plant attains a mature height of up to 31.5 inches or 80 centimeters and a yield of up to 425g per square meter.

It is more profitable when grown outdoors as it yields up to 475 grams per meter square at a height of up to 86.6 inches or 220 centimeters.

How To Flower Haze Strains

The flowering of the growing haze cannabis seeds starts at the ninth to the eleventh week. Whether you are planting your weed indoors or outdoors, the right harvesting time for harvesting is September/October before the onset of the end of year rains.

Like any other plant, growing haze marijuana seeds requires you to first germinate them, plant the sprouts in a place with enough light, and make sure to water it adequately.

Although the process may look demanding, due to its long flowering period, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Haze strain will give you good yield if you follow proper cultivation procedure and of course use the right fertilizer. The strain takes slightly longer to mature compared to other strains, but its yield is worth the wait.

Haze Seed Germination

Haze cannabis seeds will not give you problems during germination, growing, harvesting, and even storage.

Additional information



THC Level

Up to 20%





Yield Outdoor

Up to 475 grams / 16.8 ounces per sq meter

Height Indoor

Up to 220 cm / 86.6 inch

Flowering Time Indoor

9 – 11 weeks

Grow Difficulty



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